How to Repair MDF File of MS SQL Database

Microsoft SQL database is the database that is used by most of the database application program. This database program is very popular because of its functionality. It is also very popular because of its low maintenance. MS SQL database managed data by using many files and folders such as ‘.mdf’, ‘.ndf’, ‘.ldf’ etc.

mdf file recovery

MDF file is the most important file of MS SQL because it contains the entire structure of the database such as tables, views, procedure, Rules, Trigger and functions and finally the data. So that if the MDF file gets corrupted then you are unable to access data that are stored in the database.

How to know that MDF file will get corrupted:   

  • When user executes any query then database will not responding.
  • User unable to access any table that stored in the database.
  • Database hanged while executing any task.
  • Database prompt error messages every time.
  • Unable to execute DML operation.

Reasons of MDF file corruption:

  • MDF file get corrupted due to any software or hardware malfunctioning.
  • If any memory error occurs into the computer system.
  • Improper shutdown of database.
  • If bad sectors are occurred in the hard disk.
  • Due to invalid file header in the database.

How to Recover or Repair MDF file

Corrupt MDF file can be repaired or restored by using any third party software because manually it is not possible to repair or recover corrupted MS SQL database. By using MDF file recovery software you can recover or restore all your related contents or data. This tool is very easy to use because it provides very simple user interface. It can recover your corrupt MDF file very efficiently.

This tool can able to recover and restore any kind of database content such as Tables, Views, Stored procedures, Indexes, Primary and Foreign keys, Unique keys, System information, Triggers, User defined types, Defaults and Checked constrains, Partition functions and Partition schemes, SQL Server 2008-2012 file stream data types, Computed and Sparse columns  etc.

Features of MDF File Repair Tool

  • It repair and restore object of MDF and NDF files.
  • This tool Repair All database components.
  •  Provides review of the recoverable objects.
  •  It can also resolve several SQL Database corruption errors.

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